About Us

     My name is Jasmine owner and creator of Bizzy Bum Boutique. I am a mom to one sassy little girl and a wife to an overall amazing husband. I started this business in June 2020. I started this business with the intentions of providing exceptional customer service and quality handmade children's clothing. 

     I had no clue as to just how big the small shop world was. It all started with trying some cute bows a family member suggested. I bought some and entered my daughter into the rep search. She was selected to rep for the shop and we have been repping ever since. I then started buying more and more from small shops. 

     I decided to open up my own shop and do a few things that would set me apart from others. All my orders are packaged in 100% recyclable mailers and, they can even be reused. I have used my platform to raise money and donate to Truckers Against Trafficking and plan to do more things like this in the future.